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A game of volume under the light

The walls are geometrical. The rooms, volume filled with light. The construction of a house is not just about building a structure, but about the interpretation of the empty spaces and their adaptation with daily life. Architecture is a complex game between the beautiful and the usefull. Between aesthetics and practicality. Art may not be liked by any, but a house must be appreciated by all that inhabit it.

  • Architectural design
  • Interior architecture
  • Master plans
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    Beauty and practicality

    In DDDomus we are passionate in finding the equilibrium between desire and form, beauty and practicality. From the beginning of the project till its conclusion.

    Our engineers have gathered a lot of experience in project management, construction planning and the legal workings of all the necessary permits.

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    A reform is a new opportunity

    We dont have to start from 0, to make your house a 10. A reform is an opportunity to develop and redesign a given space into something new. Managing to feel in a different place without going somewhere else.

    Our team is made up of a wide selection of specialists: Structure calculus, acoustic, illumination, installations, interior design... They all work together focusing on your satisfaction.

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    A sum of knowledge and sensibility.

    A house is build with the main purpose of being enjoyable from within its interior.The quality of life of a house is dependent on the talent of its interior designers. There are many aspects to be considered. Every space must revolve on a concept in which all of the elements must combine with it.

    New tendencies, finishing touches, materials... A sum of knowledge and sensibility with the objective of converting the simple feeling of being home into something sublime.

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    The House of your dreams

    We have in store a selection of the best lands of the zone where to build the house of your dreams.
    But if you prefer it, you can be seduced by the projects we have already built with the same purpose in mind.

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