About us

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Next to the sea
DDDDOMUS® is located in El Maresme, a privileged zone in the mediterranean coast. The first step into building a luxury home it to find the best location.
As constructors we put our technical knowledge in the use of our imagination, whether they be our own projects, or by request. We listen to the necessities of the people that will give life to the house. We share their desires. Together, we give birth to a project on paper. And then materialize this dream that will become your daily space, so that you can enjoy it everyday.

Every house, a different home
We believe each project is an opportunity to build a personal and unique construction. In some cases with big budgets and some cases with small budgets, but always taking into account with great importance the finances of the customer.

New materials, new technologies
One of our greatest assets that differentiates us from the rest, is the ability to integrate new materials and new technologies into the construction. Give the best use to environmental resources. Achieve the best comfort. Or to create a playful space. The possibilities are endless.